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Obedience is a Weapon of Warfare

As an author with a portfolio of over 40 books, I often find myself declaring that my latest work is my favorite. Yet, truthfully, there's a distinct quality to this particular book that sets it apart. The exploration into Dr. Jasmine Zapata's technique, guided by allowing the Holy Spirit to order my steps, enabled me to craft this book in a mere five hours—a fact that continues to astonish me. Despite being one of my shorter works, I believe it carries a remarkably powerful impact.

Although participating in my conferences and immersing yourself in my books holds value, the true essence of making a significant impact on the world is found in wholeheartedly surrendering to God with a resounding "yes." In the accompanying videos, I dissect various facets of the obedience journey, shedding light on the nuances, challenges, and pitfalls that surface when one submits to God's will. It is crucial to always bear in mind that the safest and most fulfilling place to be is within the divine will of God.

Diving into the nuance of giving God your "yes."

Featuring the Following Topics...

1. Introduction of Obedience Journey 

2. Obedience vs. Fear

3. How the Disobedience of Others Affects Your Assignment

4. Obedience vs. Worry

5. Delayed Obedience is STILL Disobedience

6. Unmasking Obedience

7. Peace As It Pertains to Obedience

8. Obeying Even With No Support

9. You Can't Pour From An Empty Cup

10. Unforgiveness, A Stumbling Block to Obedience

Panel Discussion:
The Royal Court

Delve deeper into the concept of spiritual rank, as outlined in Chapter Six of "Obedience is the Currency of the Kingdom," through this panel discussion. The participants are members of Melinda Michelle's intercessory team, sharing their personal testimonies regarding their ascent in spiritual rank. They elaborate on how their newfound identity and authority empowered by God elevated not only their prayer life but also enhanced their comprehension of the spiritual realm.

2023 Spiritual Warfare Conference: Changing of the Guards 

Chapter 6: There's Levels to This, He's Training You

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