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The Power of a Praying Woman is Unparalleled!

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When Women War

Watch this complimentary teaching instructed by Melinda Michelle, an Author, and Spiritual Warfare Strategist, as it explores the lives of diverse women in the Bible. Witness how these women, driven by their unwavering faith in God, overcame formidable challenges. Gain insights into studying these historical accounts and extracting the strategic approaches they employed to move mountains through their faith. Download now to discover the tactical advantages of operating in the power of womanhood.

Author Melinda Michelle (General Session Speaker)

Hannah's Prayer Gathering 2017

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When Women War Heaven Responds!

Explore seven women in the Bible during this session, as they transformed the world around them by embracing their God-given identity as women and placing their trust in Him.

Woman Centered Resources

Explore these resources created by Autumn Woods which focuses on a woman's connection with God, delving into the narratives of women in scripture that offer insights relevant to today's world.

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