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In my role as a Spiritual Warfare Strategist, I guide the members of the body of Christ in using the weapons of their spiritual arsenal to confront the spiritual challenges that hinder their lives. The manuals, strategic prayers, and warfare strategies featured aim to enlighten and equip you in effectively, intentionally, and strategically wielding the Word of God against the forces of the Kingdom of Darkness.

​                                                                                                        ~Melinda Michelle

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These strategic prayers and warfare tactics were crafted by Spiritual Warfare Strategist, Melinda Michelle, through the leading of the Holy Spirit. By embracing obedience, prayer, and fasting, these resources empower you to adopt an offensive stance in prayer and use the weapons of our warfare that are not carnal, effectively countering diverse forms of warfare that may be afflicting your life.

Strategic Warfare Resources

Strategic Prayer

1 John 5:14-15 (NIV) 14 This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. 15 And if we know that he hears us—whatever we ask—we know that we have what we asked of him.

What is Strategic Prayer?

The first thing is you have to make sure that God hears you.  Verse 14 tells us if we ask according to His will, He hears us.  The way to GUARANTEE that God hears your prayer is if you pray His will. Verse 15 tells us that because He heard us, we have the requests which we have asked. 

Strategic Prayer is when you pray the WILL OF GOD using the WORD OF GOD on a consistent basis OUT LOUD. The reason for vocalizing these prayers is to influence the atmosphere around you to align with God's will, countering the lies of Satan, who is referred to as the prince of the power of the air (Eph. 2:2). You are using the Word of God because it cannot return to Him void (Isa. 55:11).  It will not return to Him void because through this strategy you are praying His will for your life. Strategic Prayer is essentially being a watchman over the words God spoke concerning you. 

Hear directly from my clients about the results they received when they applied the weapons of their warfare strategically and intentionally! 

Client Testimonials

Melissa, Miami, FL

"Melinda’s personalized strategic prayer and fasting manuals, her counseling, and her prayers have definitely helped me in my spiritual journey for the better. I can honestly say that my prayers and devotionals have become more intentional and purposeful. Her manuals have been a guide to help me get a better understanding, a different perspective, and the tools needed to combat spiritual warfare. Like we say, it is real in these spiritual streets. So, knowing that I can walk more confidently and boldly no matters the circumstance because I know God is fighting for me and working through me, it gives me peace and refreshes my soul." 

Margo, Jacksonville, FL

"Melinda has provided a number of strategies to help me over the last few years. After my husband passed away, I was having a difficult time getting through the holidays. Melinda provided me with a strategic prayer to help me through the grieving process, especially during the holidays. Her strategic prayer for preparation and planning has also allowed me to pay more attention to what I'm hearing from God, as it relates to my plans in my "next chapter". If you are struggling with life decisions, finances, health/healing, distractions, family issues, restoration, or anything else, you may just be under an attack from the enemy. Think about it, you wouldn't go to a physical fight unprepared, right? So, why wouldn't you learn strategies to help you fight your spiritual battles? All I can say is, try one strategy, have faith that it will work, and watch God show up in the battles on your behalf."

Autumn, Cypress, TX

"Spiritual Warfare Strategist Melinda Michelle keeps all her strategic prayers firmly grounded in the word of God. She weaves scripture seamlessly into the prayers, encouraging bold, practical application of the word. She is a strategic thinker and studies biblical events to match spiritual warfare strategies to clients with accuracy and precision. My husband and I have both benefitted from her godly wisdom and our household is more aligned with God’s plan for our lives thanks to her advice."
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If you feel like your life is under attack, and you know you need to fight, but don't know how? You may need a personalized warfare strategy.

What is a Personalized Warfare Strategy?

This is a personalized strategic blueprint crafted to aid you in overcoming your current challenges through spiritual warfare. Utilizing spiritual weapons and biblical strategies, this plan is designed to assist you in triumphing over the obstacles strategically placed by the enemy.

To acquire warfare strategies tailored to your specific situation, reach out to Melinda Michelle via the form below to schedule a consultation. These strategies are typically structured around fasting periods of 10, 21, 30, or 40 days, though the time frame may vary based on the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Whether designed for individuals, families, marriages, churches, businesses, or institutions, these strategies aim to provide targeted support.


Melinda Michelle, Spiritual Warfare Strategist

Personalized Warfare Strategies & Manuals

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