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Melinda Michelle, an award-winning author, weaves compelling narratives across multiple genres, showcasing her versatility in storytelling.  In the realm of fiction, Melinda's works span across Spiritual Warfare, Romance, Thriller, Contemporary, and Speculative Fiction. Readers are drawn into immersive tales that explore the unseen forces of good and evil, interwoven with elements of romance, thrilling suspense, and contemporary themes. Her speculative fiction takes readers on imaginative journeys that challenge perceptions and evoke thought-provoking reflections about the unseen spiritual realm.

In addition to her fiction endeavors, Melinda Michelle extends her literary prowess to non-fiction realms. Her collection of Journals provides readers with personal spaces to reflect, introspect, and document their own life journeys. These journals are crafted to inspire self-discovery and mindful contemplation of their journey of faith in God.

Complementing the journals, Melinda's Workbooks offer practical and insightful resources for personal growth and development. Whether navigating through the exploration of one's faith in God or engaging in therapeutic self-discovery, the workbooks cater to a diverse exploration of faith, spiritual weapons, and wholeness.

Melinda Michelle's literary repertoire encompasses a rich tapestry of fiction, non-fiction, journals, and workbooks, appealing to a broad audience seeking both entertainment and an enriched spiritual relationship with God.

Additional Works

This section features the following types of works: short stories, anthologies, and books in eBook format only.