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7 Days & Seven Nights

Abraham has just turned 30 years old and is about to dive head first into the life he's always dreamed of having. He's married to his beautiful soul mate Abigail and they are ready to start their lives. Abraham has an assignment on his life from God. Although raised in a Christian household he didn't always practice a Christian lifestyle.

Abraham and Abigail head out to a cabin in the woods for their all-expense paid, secluded honey moon for seven days. They are prepared for a blissful week of enjoying their first days as husband and wife.


NOTE: This book crosses over into both DLS and COW series.

Their first night there strange things begin to happen because Abraham is unknowingly at a crossroads with his past. He must make the decision once and for all to live for God. His arrogance has finally caught up with him and he begins to literally be HAUNTED by his past transgressions. In fear of her husband Abigail flees from the honeymoon and leaves Abraham there to face his demons. Little does she know he is indeed facing demons.

The demonic forces are on the scene to prevent him from realizing the mistakes of his past. If he does he will become a powerful tool for the Kingdom of Light and they can't have that. Abraham spends seven days in torment and turmoil then God offers him an olive branch. Will he accept God's offer and the consequences of his selfish actions and continue with his calling or will he die with an unrepentant heart and spend an eternity wishing he'd made a different choice? *Companion Book to A Divine Love Story*

7 Days & Seven Nights

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