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All Tied Up - Book 7 (It's Real in These Spiritual Streets)

Sabrina, Karla, Ivy, and Tanya have found themselves at crucial crossroads in their lives. They can either continue down the paths they have chosen, or they can turn them over to God. Sabrina struggles with the instruction that God has given her and being all alone. Though she has made some changes for the better in her life, had bad choices are still lurking with consequences that could prove deadly.

Karla is ready to reconcile with her husband, but he acts like she doesn't even exist. When she finds out why his behavior has become so egregious, it sets off a chain of events that pushes them further into darkness.

Ivy has been actively trying to heal her trauma. Part of that process is the revelation of what was at the root of her drama. Instead of listening to wise counsel, Ivy takes it upon herself to confront her past. Her arrogance and ignorance places her on a spiritual battlefield she never even knew existed.

Tanya is trying to be there for everyone of her friends in their darkest hour, but her own emotions still weigh heavily on her. While the broken relationship with Sabrina continues to haunt her, it's the fact that she and her husband cannot conceive that burdens her heart daily. When all is said and done, they will truly know just how REAL it is in these spiritual streets!

All Tied Up - Book 7 (It's Real in These Spiritual Streets)

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