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Breach of Faith - Book 3 (A Divine Love Story)

Four years later, Blake and Jasmine are back with their friends and some new faces, but life isn't done with them yet. Secrets they thought were long ago buried resurface with a vengeance and threatens to rip apart their family. While Jasmine, Blake, Lucy and Jeremy remain at odds, tensions build, and their bond is threatened. Just when they think things can't get any worse, tragedy strikes unexpectedly.

As they try and make sense of life's new dynamics and challenges, Damon finds himself face-to-face with his past transgressions. Little does he know, this blast from the past will send him down a path of self-discovery that will uncover truths he's not prepared to handle.

Frank and Vanessa have come full circle with their healing. As they partner up to help others, Frank discovers the skeletons in his closet have a voice that need to be heard. Moving forward means going back. Frank finds himself standing at a crossroad. Doing what's right could mean danger for the family he's finally embraced.

While the outside world continues to remind them of their differences, they are faced with the challenge of moving forward in unconditional love no matter what. Forces beyond their control bring in unexpected friendships, surprises, disheartening revelations and a dark history. They find themselves being tested in their marriages, parenthood, friendships and humanity. The key to holding on to their love for one another is finding the strength to repair the breach of their faith.

Breach of Faith - Book 3 (A Divine Love Story)

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