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Chronicles of Warfare Handbook: Prayers, Wisdom, & Strategies - Vol. IV

He reveals deep and hidden things; he knows what lies in darkness, and light dwells with him. Daniel 2:22 (NIV)

This handbook written by Melinda Michelle is designed to equip the Body of Christ with the tools they need to tap into the authority of their spiritual identity. There is so much more to our relationship with God and the abilities we have as those who walk in the Kingdom of Light. The Kingdom of Darkness knows who they are. They operate in their dominion and spiritual rank to enlarge hell. It is time for the Saints of God who are Blood Bought Believers to tap into who they were created to be to not only shrink hell, but to take back the territories that belong to us. This book gives insight and revelation on how to elevate those in the Kingdom of God to proper status in the earth. It illustrates how to strategically fight spiritual battles to tear down darkness and to tap into our weapons of warfare at another level. For those that want to know who they are in Christ, this is the book for you. Fear is not an option. Being strong and courageous is a requirement. It's time for the Joshua Generation to wake up and take the Promised Land! *This book is spiral bound*

Chronicles of Warfare Handbook: Prayers, Wisdom, & Strategies - Vol. IV

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