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Color Me Blind - Book 1 (A Divine Love Story)

Meet Blake and Jasmine. They have been friends since they were two years old. Nothing has ever been able to come between them not even the difference in their skin color. Blake's young life is hit with opposition at the hands of his abusive father, Frank, at the mere age of nine. He still refuses to give up his friendship with Jasmine because she's the reason he was able to conquer the effects of his abuse.

Frank is not the only one who has a problem with their friendship. Jasmine's mother, Vanessa is also not a fan but her resistance is a bit more subtle. By the time Blake and Jasmine make it to college Vanessa's wish seems to be granted until Jasmine is knocked down by life and bad choices. Blake and Jasmine meet four friends that quickly become family even though each one of them is a different nationality.

Blake and Jasmine's families scramble to keep their skeletons from talking by using hatred, abuse and deception to silence them. When life and death stand face to face the collateral damage left behind will reveal what truly lies in each of their hearts. Those caught in the cross-hairs of fate's sniper will be powerless to stop it. Hard questions about love, hate, right, wrong, free will and divine order will refuse to go unanswered. If they limit love due to their own prejudices they will never release their families from pasts that have haunted and tormented them for decades.

Dr. Sheridan Richards (Surviving Sunday) is called on to try and make sense of this family's secrets. Can she help them heal and move forward in the destiny that God has for them? She will have to face her own ugly truths about issues she didn't even know once she allows these strangers into her office in order to correctly respond to the madness that awaits her on Monday.

Color Me Blind - Book 1 (A Divine Love Story)

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