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Perfect Pretender - Book 6 (It's Real in These Spiritual Streets)

When we are deep in sin, we don't know that we are in bondage, bound by the Kingdom of Darkness to stop the plans that God has for us. Sometimes, we don't recognize what we do as sin, therefore we do not combat it correctly to be victorious in this life.

Meet, Sabrina, Karla, Ivy, and Tanya – four friends who are all bound by sin but remain oblivious to it. Sabrina is so consumed with presenting the version of herself she wants people to believe, she can't even recognize she's spiraling out of control. When one of her manipulations gets exposed by her gossiping friend and costs her everything, she takes matters into her own hands, literallyKarla has a loving husband and beautiful son, but she cannot find contentment in her life because she's jealous of Ameris King. She cannot be satisfied with the life she loves, because the tentacles of her childhood pain still have a grip on her soul. Ivy has had a challenging life that resulted in low self-esteem. She carries the weights of the soul ties she's allowed to ensnare her based on her low self-worth. Tanya has it all or so everyone assumes. Only a few know of the thing Tanya wants most that money cannot buy that continues to elude her. Her defense mechanism to this painful truth is to deflect by gossiping about others so no one's talking about her.

Ameris walked away from these friends when she chose to get her life together. When she finds out just how bad they are spiraling due to the sins they are bound by, she steps in to offer some insight, wisdom, and a whole lot of Jesus. When all is said and done, these friends will understand with crystal clarity is that it is REAL in these spiritual streets!

Perfect Pretender - Book 6 (It's Real in These Spiritual Streets)

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