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Surviving Sunday - Book 1 (Chronicles of Warfare)

Meet Seth, he's part of a soul winning ministry. He has a beautiful wife, Sheridan, and his gift is about to make a name for him in the earth. Everything seems fine until he is accused of fathering a child outside his marriage.

Sheridan is a no-nonsense type of woman. When she gets the results of the DNA test on the baby that she is not carrying, she is ready to lay down her salvation and pick up her pistol.

Kadijah has found a place at Kingdom Builders Worship Center and she loves it there but has not found her place in Christ. Someone is determined to see her six-feet-under. While running for her life she discovers she doesn't really know anything about life.

Grey is a woman that has a lot on her plate but not much money in her pocket. Her faith is tested in ways she didn't imagine. She can't see how and why all the pieces of her life fit into a much bigger puzzle. All she knows is that she is tired of being tested.

The bigger picture is out of their grasp as they are consumed with their personal struggles but the battle for good and evil rages on. Angels have been assigned to assist them as they face the trials of life but there are also dark forces determined to see them fail. Will they survive Sunday just to make it to the madness of Monday?

Surviving Sunday - Book 1 (Chronicles of Warfare)

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