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Temptation Tuesday (Book 3) Chronicles of Water

Grey and Neil have finally tied the knot! They are heading to their honeymoon. What they think will be a romantic getaway from all the madness is actually a date with destiny. God has sent them there to equip them for what's to come. However, satan and his minions have decided that this is the end of the road for Grey and whatever her assignment is. As an added bon us, they've decided to take Neil out too.


Genevieve is new to Tallahassee. Her move was orchestrated by God Almighty because of her very powerful spiritual gifts. The enemy has had her under surveillance since she was born seeking to render her spiritually useless. Although she is used mightily by God her disobedience has left a door open and satan will take full advantage. The temptations of her flesh will lead her down a road so dark she may never again see the light.


Sheridan, Seth, and Kadijah are pulled deeper into worlds where temptation is not only strong but very dangerous. The war is real. The stakes are high and the Marine Kingdom has put targets on not only the adults but also the children. This is the time where the saints will have to really decide if this Christian walk is truly for them. Straddling the fence in this hour just won't do.


The angels and demons are in an all-out war fighting for the souls of the humans they've been assigned to. The battles get so intense that the Angel of Death steps on the scene but so does the Arch Angel, Michael and he is not happy. Are the prayer warriors equipped to handle this battle? Can they resist the temptations ahead and still have enough focus to be watchful come Wednesday.

Temptation Tuesday (Book 3) Chronicles of Water

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