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The Covet Queen - Book 6 (It's Real in These Spiritual Streets)

Wrath is cruel and anger a torrent, But who is able to stand before jealousy? Proverbs 27:4 (NKJV)

There comes a time in everyone’s life when consequences meet the actions that sowed them.  Sabrina, Karla, Ivy, and Tanya are struggling to cope with the loss of the unbreakable bond they once shared.  Hidden sins revealed true character and exposed the flaws in their foundation.  While Sabrina has remained hardheaded and dismissed sound wisdom, a new challenge has presented itself that has her backed into a corner.  Her usual antics of manipulation has put her in a precarious situation that only God can get her out of.

Karla has held jealousy deep in her heart for years and now it’s bubbling to the surface and threatening everything she loves. Blinded by the spirit of comparison rooted in her jealousy, her words wound her husband so deeply, he chooses to leave their home. 

Ivy has had a come-to-Jesus moment and is ready to make changes in her life.  However, the revelation those changes bring as she draws closer to God is about to open a past so dark it will bring a frighteningly clear understanding of what she’s been wrestling against all along.

Tanya is trying to cope with the loss of her best friend and her latest miscarriage. Her husband offers an olive branch, but fear won’t let her give it a chance.  However, God is working in the background, and she must let go of her fears to see the bigger picture and the souls attached to her struggle.  When all is said and done, they will truly know just how REAL it is in these spiritual streets!

The Covet Queen - Book 6 (It's Real in These Spiritual Streets)

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