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Watchful Wednesday - Book 4 (Chronicles of Warfare)

Grey is strategically placed in the middle of the battle as the secret she's been keeping from her husband is forced out. What happens next in their marriage might just be the thing the enemy has been hoping for to put a crack in their once unbreakable union. Hers isn't the only dangerous secret that's waiting to explode. One of the attacks sparks a righteous indignation in the Angel of Death his fellow comrades have never seen. In all of eternity Death has rarely joined a battle. This attack offends him so much that he calls for his pale horse to personally deliver a message to hell. The warriors are distracted as the enemy intended, but the war rages on. A watchman must never come off the wall no matter what or the blood will be on his hands.

The Blackout
An explosive dinner party throws each watchman a curve that shakes their faith. Just when they think things can't get any worse a city-wide blackout occurs. It isn't clear whether this event was sent from the Kingdom of Light or the Kingdom of Darkness. Regardless of who's behind it, they will find out first hand just how perilous it is to be surrounded by the absence of light. Each one scrambles to survive. The only one they can call on is an invisible God they say they believe in, but they will have to prove just that. The crescendo of the war has arrived and pieces are starting to fit together. The watchmen have survived some major battles, but things are just starting to heat up. Every war has its casualties. The war they will need to conquer is the war within – flesh versus spirit. If they can't there's no way they can handle a tumultuous Thursday.

Watchful Wednesday - Book 4 (Chronicles of Warfare)

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