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Wife & Mistress - Book 1 (It's Real in These Spiritual Streets)

You ever stop and look at your family only to realize you finally figured it out? That thing that seems to affect generation after generation… those cycles. The matriarch of the King family has taken her last breath. When her spirit exits, the flood gates she was keeping at bay come bursting forward to spill out all kinds of secrets that expose the plot and plan of the enemy for this family to those with eyes to see.

Sanaa is the oldest. She's trying to keep it together for her siblings but being a wife and a mistress comes with its own set of stresses. Bakari is forced to stay in town to deal with the emotional fallout that ensues upon his mother's death. Staying put is messing up his duplicitous life and if they don't resolve their family issues soon, his cover may just get blown. Amerisis her usual unbothered self. She makes no excuses about the life she chooses to lead as an exclusive mistress. She's more stressed about her sibling's life choices than her own. Little does she know, her come to Jesus moment is quickly approaching. Zaire, the baby boy was excited to bring his girl home to meet his family, though he didn't know this meet and greet came with messy family secrets. Alana, his fiancé, proves able to see beyond what is on the surface, and to the heart of the issues that plague this family. The one thing she couldn't see may just devastate her beyond repair. After these two weeks are over, one thing the King's will understand with crystal clarity is that it is REAL in these spiritual streets!

Wife & Mistress - Book 1 (It's Real in These Spiritual Streets)

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