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Your Eyes - Book 10 (It's Real in These Spiritual Streets)

Forty years ago, evil backed some unfortunate souls into a corner. Instead of doing what was right, they let fear and intimidation convince them they needed to go along with the demonic scheme for self-preservation. The decisions made at that moment left a legal loophole in the spirit realm into each of their bloodlines and now those chickens are coming home to roost. The tenants in Building One of the Mabon Luxury Apartments each have a connection to the individuals responsible for covering up a heinous crime that took place on October 31, 1982.

The blood of the innocent is crying out and the God of the universe is responding. Both light and darkness are strategically moving their chess pieces on the battlefield which stirs up all kinds of spiritual activity. Desperate for help and disturbed by his dreams and burdens God has placed on his heart, Xavier reaches out to Neil and Grey Lawson for help to understand the battle he's found himself at the center of. Harper, Olivia, Ava, and Justice are beginning to experience demonic activity in their lives but are not equipped to recognize spiritual warfare for what it is, let alone understand how to defeat it. The enemy is taking full advantage of their ignorance to his demonic devices. The Great I AM was never caught off guard. There was always a ram in the bush. Ms. Washington follows the instructions of the Holy Spirit and puts Xavier on the path he needs to find the truth. Her prayers unleash angelic warriors as the battle begins. One thing's for sure, the tenants in this building will soon find out just how REAL it is in these spiritual streets!

Your Eyes - Book 10 (It's Real in These Spiritual Streets)

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